Somebody strike a Match (dot-com)

Online Dating Gives me Agita  Here’s what happens every time I start to fill out an online profile: I get as far as filling out all of the questions, and then I look at the pictures of prospective dates and feel the need to flee the scene. It’s not that there are not any decent men online. There is a mix of good and bad, like everywhere else. It’s not their fault at all, since I’ve never reached the whole “Talk to online stranger” phase of the transaction. It’s just that I feel like a deli item, on display: “Please do partake of my choice cuts of pastrami.” Is it clear now why men are knocking down my door to get to the wonder that is me?

And so, I ask for your help, dear reader. Share with me your wisdom.

15 thoughts on “Somebody strike a Match (dot-com)

  1. outstandingbachelor

    The deli item stood out for me also.

    I do a lot of sailing – what would work for me might be something like: ‘well-maintained and in good condition, handles gently and comfortable for a small family. With the right accommodations could become a live-aboard.’

  2. ChumpDad

    Got emails from two women on the Christian dating site… within a couple emails they were talking about marriage. The match one, asks for a salary and you can narrow your deli viewing to those that make enough for your life style. Pfft! to them all.

  3. annieemmy

    Um… Dateline and a glass of wine sounds like pretty much the most amazing evening ever. Clearly, I need to get out more… In other news… I would avoid online dating as much as possible. I mean… maybe I’m wrong but you’re probably just going to get a lot of ridiculous pick up lines, weirdos looking to hook up, and possibly a few penis pictures with requests to partake of THEIR fine cuts of pastrami. Ew.

  4. Mara Eastern

    Well, if this is any encouragement, I met my husband of five years online. However, this was a decade ago and internet wasn’t that nasty yet… No one even sent me a penis picture back then.


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