Screw Happiness: Why I Love Being Irritable

I’ve made my feelings known the benefits of just saying “Fuck It.” Go ahead and say it. It feels good, right? It touches into something genuine. For just a moment, you let go and allow your inner-asshole to emerge, and it rings a bell. Fuck it. Yessss.

Must. Force. Happy. Now.
If you google “Happiness,” you’ll find endless, sometimes conflicting articles touting the appropriate recipe to “Get happy!” The exclamation point implies a level of excitement and enthusiasm that is hard to achieve in life without the help of drugs and/or massive denial of reality. It also sounds like a demand. Do it. Get happy, goddamn it! You’re not happy! What’s wrong with you?


 Couldn’t we just be a little cranky? Please?

This pressure to be cheerful is ever-present. We view and post selfies with grins so wide it is hard to discern whether the person in the photo is ecstatic in their surroundings or grimacing in pain. We all do it, if we’re being honest. I am as caught up in this happiness craze as anyone, which is to say that intermittently make myself absolutely miserable by Trying! To BE! Happy!!!

And for the record, I’m ok. It’s not a cry for help. But could we cool it we with the never-ending Joy Olympics and aim for something richer and more sustainable? Maybe we could aim to just be content. Or – when life is handing us multiple lemons – we could be angry or sad or distraught about the lemons for a few minutes before throwing a sheet over it and acting like it didn’t happen? “Move along folks. Everything’s happy here. Nothing to see.”

Let’s hear it. I want to hear about your bad day when you’ve had one. I want to laugh about our shared misery – the absurdity of it all. The happy Happy HAPPINESS is giving me a severe case of the creeps. Please make it stop.

10 thoughts on “Screw Happiness: Why I Love Being Irritable

      1. Ann St. Vincent

        Totally understand. I’ve not been posting as much because I’m self-censoring…which isn’t my approach at all so I will need to just write what I’m feeling, even when it’s not pleasant.

  1. simplygiselle

    There is not too many thing worse than wanted that time to be pissed, to cry it out, to throw things, and the bad timing of the friend who just wants to help you through it with a f’n hug. What do you do? You cant just stiff arm her, its rude. They are offering support (props), but at the same time, back off sweet heart, I am wresting with the Masked Dark Side and he is about to get his ass handed to him.

    1. notesfromthebathroomfloor Post author

      Ha ha. Well said.

      And you’re right — the intention is good. How can you argue with the idea of helping someone to be happy? But sometimes you just need to sit and listen to some Morrisey for a bit. That’s what Morrisey is FOR. 🙂

  2. Dawn

    Well, this is timely. I’ve been irritable for a while now. Is it just me, or has this year been a real challenge? I second the vote for contentment–that’s what you want to aim for. Happiness is fleeting, contentment lasts. I’ll just be over here grumbling from my bathroom floor…turn up the Morrissey!

  3. annieemmy

    Right? RIGHT?! I’m so pissy right now that the next person to try to cheer me up is getting bitch-slapped. No lie. We need to make t-shirts.


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