Fall Food, Fake-Looking Flowers, and other F-Words

The illustration aside, I don’t really hate Fall. By-and-large it’s an ok season. I was always a nerd who looked forward to school starting, so it does still hold the promise of new beginnings. I still get that. The clothes are ok — and I would give pumpkins a pass if they were not shoved into every food and beverage on every menu.

But you know, Autumn also marks the end of summer. It’s a harbinger of Winter, which does not charm me at all. And mums shouldn’t even qualify as flowers.

16 thoughts on “Fall Food, Fake-Looking Flowers, and other F-Words

    1. notesfromthebathroomfloor Post author

      Yeah, Boston gets Fall for sure, although it seems like a short season that leads into endless winter. I could deal with Fall if I didn’t know where it was going. :-/

      If you’re in 90 degree weather now, I imagine you won’t be shoveling in January. So you’ve got that.

      1. Dawn

        No shoveling here, but we do get some freezes and a light snow every other year or so. After living here thirteen years, I have absolutely no cold tolerance left at all, so anything below 70 is too cold for me. Endless winter would probably kill me at this point ;-D. When we lived in Colorado, snow got old really fast, so I feel for you!

  1. orangeblorenge

    I haven’t even read it because I have to shoehorn my ass out the door RIGHT NOW but I already cracked up thank yoooooooou!!!!

  2. notesfromthebathroomfloor Post author

    I’m merely suggesting that we revisit our pumpkin assumptions. Question everything. Ask yourself: Do I really want this pumpkin-themed item? Or have I been programmed by The Autumnal Establishment to accept all pumpkin things as good?

    Throw off your shackles, America. That’s all I’m saying.

  3. Ronnie

    It isn’t even pumpkin. It’s usually just cinnamon and some other stuff. How disappointing! On the plus side there are boots and scarves. Two things everyone can agree are awesome.

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