50 Ways to Give the Finger: #8 – The Showcase Finger

The Showcase Finger Nobody likes a wise ass. Actually, that statement is pure garbage. Any person who is worth spending time with is a wise-ass at least some of the time. And for the dumb-asses that you encounter – you can be sure to share with them the wonders of the Showcase Finger.

What it communicates to the recipient: Oh, we’re playing the finger game? Ok, here’s my finger for you: Tah-dahhh!

When to use it: This would be ideal to use if the recipient is an unlikeable magician, but that’s a scenario that is not likely to present itself. You’re more likely to administer the Showcase Finger to a person who is administering a different variety finger to you. Think of it as the deflector shield of fingers.

UP NEXT: #9 – The Casual Drive-By Finger


6 thoughts on “50 Ways to Give the Finger: #8 – The Showcase Finger

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  2. orangeblorenge

    PS Thank you for the Follow! I wasn’t sure, at first. I was like, Really?! But now I know and feel all stiff and formal and weird. I’ll be sure to call Tina Fey and tell her to start Following YOU!
    (Seriously, thank you.)

  3. simplygiselle

    I ‘had’ to use the finger today on my drive to work and thought since I don’t recall you showcasing it, maybe it is on the list to come. The very lady like – “kiss the middle finger as you toss it to your intended”…. yes, I am always a lady.


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