I’m Fancy-Free, and Free for Anything Fancy

No yens. No yearnings. No strings. No connections.

I’m going through an interesting phase right now, during which I’m quite enjoying being unattached. I’m consciously uncoupled. Not seeking out love connections of any kind. It feels pretty good, and not in a Lets-Say-We’re-Happy-To-Cover-Up-Our-Deeply-Hidden-Fears-and-Keep-Our-Concerned-Relatives-Off-Guard sort of way.

I am not feeling desperately incomplete or like I am in a situation that needs fixing. I’m not resentful or closed off to the idea of ever being in a relationship – but I am enjoying this freedom. I am working, writing, attending classes, volunteering, and spending time with friends, but I also genuinely treasure my time alone.

Life feels full of opportunities. It reminds me of this Fred Astaire bit from the movie Top Hat. (Yes, I own it as part of a DVD box set, as I’m a bit of a Fred-and-Ginger buff.)

Why isn’t this feeling celebrated more often on film?



7 thoughts on “I’m Fancy-Free, and Free for Anything Fancy

  1. pscapp

    Fred Astaire’s original screen test results: Can’t act, can’t sing, slightly bald, can dance a little.” Have fun and enjoy the weekend.

    1. notesfromthebathroomfloor Post author

      Also — because he doesn’t have a broad range with his voice, a lot of the Irving Berlin songs that we now consider standards were written specifically for him. (Top Hat, Cheek to Cheek, The Way You Look Tonight.)

      1. pscapp

        I didn’t know the Berlin tunes were written for him. That’s interesting. I do know that the Gershwins were very important contributors to his career going back to when he and his sister were on Broadway. The old songs are the best.

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