Bad, Bad Brain! Tell Your Brain Who’s Boss

My brain has wandered off, it seems. It no longer respects my authority. I give it sudokos, flax oils and restful sleep. Is it thankful? No.

There are days when you simply cannot come up with anything interesting, relevant, or creative to share with the wide world. Days when your brain needs a stern talking-to. I am having a series of those days, currently. Maybe it’s the rain. Maybe it’s the change in seasons. Maybe I need a good vacation.

I don’t know what I need. Is there such a thing as a creativity doula? Someone who would come over to my apartment, rearrange my furniture, and guide me through the birth of some cool ideas? Is that how the pros do it?

How do you make your mind cooperate? Tell me of your secrets.


17 thoughts on “Bad, Bad Brain! Tell Your Brain Who’s Boss

  1. dominickpeters

    Good morning Kristen,
    It is hard sometimes to come up with ideas. When I get to that point I go to my local coffee shop, or the park and just watch people. People do lots of interesting things.
    Thanks for shearing.

  2. movingliquid

    A creativity doula would be nice to have now and then — you should invent that job. At the same time, as long as you’re not depressed and are only feeling a bit uninspired, it’s okay to be a bit “eh.” Not to be confused with “meh” of course. I find it weirdly inspiring to watch documentaries — you might give that a go and see what pops up. You’re brain’s okay. It’s just taking a breather.

  3. Rose Red

    Rearranging the furniture is a good idea, but be sure that you leave a light on the first night, so you don’t trip and stub your toe in the night when you get up to use the bathroom.

    The idea about public is good, if you are dressed to go out in public. Bus stations are interesting. So are grocery stores. I read something new, and I pray.

  4. pscapp

    Sometimes when my brain goes rogue I pick up my guitar and try to learn a new song. Or I take the brain out for a long run. I think it’s good that your brain has a mind of it’s own.

    1. pendantry

      Distracting the enemy can sometimes be more effective than attacking head-on. When the muse is AWOL, act as though you don’t give a damn; make her feel wanted 🙂

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