50 Ways to Give the Finger: #9 – The Casual Drive-By Finger

The Casual Drive-By Finger This variant of the I Don’t Even Have Time For This Finger is best delivered with a wry smile. Here’s your opportunity to incorporate the power of the automobile into a dismissive Fuck You. The finger is held steady from the driver’s side window as you give the horn a couple of soft toots for emphasis.

What the Casual Drive-By Finger communicates to the recipient: I’ve got better places to go and don’t care to spend another moment in the vicinity of your sorry ass. Hope you have a nice day choking on my dust, fucker!

When to use it: Provided you are confident that the recipient is unable to catch you (either because he/she is stuck in traffic or traveling on foot) , and you’re in your car and have a clear path with steady terrain in front of you, the Casual Drive-By Finger is all yours to administer at will. Use it well.

UP NEXT: #10 – The Delicate Kiss-Off Finger


15 thoughts on “50 Ways to Give the Finger: #9 – The Casual Drive-By Finger

    1. notesfromthebathroomfloor Post author

      Oh, good point. I would say that caution must always be applied, regardless. I don’t come across gun-toting folks in Mass. I’d suggest careful application of the Mental Finger if physical safety is threatened in any way.

      1. pscapp

        I use the Mental Finger all the time. Massachusetts is one story. I suggest that regional wisdom be applied as to say not giving the finger in any form in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, etc..

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  2. estelea

    Do you include its reciprocity? another fav of mine being when I manage to stop the damned car that pretended not to see me crossing the street. The driver honks, I give him the finger. Same way as described in your post.

  3. Naziya

    If I give the finger while driving, the rampant surge of emotion causes my finger to jerk upwards towards the rear view mirror in a manner more crazed than casual. I realise now I need to cool it down and let my eyes do the talking. I have learned a lot wise one.


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