6 thoughts on “She’s a Brick. (A True Story)

  1. movingliquid

    That is absolutely hysterical! Thanks, I needed the laugh.

    I’ve got two cute ones from when my daughter was little.

    She said, “Mommy, what’s a chid?”

    I said I didn’t know that word.

    She said, “What does it mean when Michael Jackson says ‘the chid is not my son?”

    The second one was, “Mommy what’s a cycle?”

    I began to tell her the many definitions for a cycle but she looked at me quizzically and asked, “But what does it mean when the cowardly lion says, ‘I haven’t slept for weeks. I’ve got soicles under my eyes.”

    (Wizard of Oz reference for anyone too young.)

  2. Aj.

    She’s a brick house = she’s well built.
    A wood house might be a shack, a shoe…well ok I can’t think of anything for shoe.
    But a brick house was suppose to be higher quality.

    Rock wall and so forth doesn’t conjure images of being well constructed, just a bunch of rocks piled together to make a wall. A brick house would be well constructed, and brick is suppose to look very nice. So the comparison being drawn is that she’s well put together/shaped and looks attractive.


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