Never-Ending Thoughtstoppers

I need to write an absurdist comedy sketch this week for a class. You’d think this would be relatively easy for me, given my love of the absurd.

And yet. My brain is not cooperating again. I seem to have some sort of mental disorder that prevents me from doing the thing that I am supposed to do. So, when I have serious day-job work to get done, all kinds of wild ideas occur to me. My mind breaks open the floodgate of stupid ideas and I frolic in the Stupid like children let loose in the Candy Room at the Wonka factory.

I’m having a Wonka week. Just go with it.

Maybe if I try to create the opposite of what I’d like to create, my rebellious brain will be hoodwinked into spewing out something absurd. What is the opposite of absurd? Should I just write  an observational essay? A Wikipedia entry on gravity? Maybe I should work on updating my resume.

What to do?



6 thoughts on “Never-Ending Thoughtstoppers

    1. notesfromthebathroomfloor Post author

      Logically, I see your point. It doesn’t make sense. But I feel like my mind has a tendency to rebel. If I sit down to do A, my mind will do Q, because “F-you, I will do what I want.”
      So maybe if I sit down to do Q, A will happen. I don’t know. We shall see. 🙂


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