The Year That Will Be

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Happy New Year. If you’re reading this, you’ve survived long enough to write “2015” on a document or check. [Note to self: Rent due today.]

I’m going to spend the day planning and writing a script that I am determined to finish this year. I wrote about 50 pages last year, which might seem impressive until you realize that that’s less than half of a full film script, and that I left off right at the end of the first act, leaving myself the whole meaty middle part of the story to complete. So that’s what I will be doing over the next 4 days. I have mapped out a plan of attack, and aim to have 20 more pages written by the end of Sunday.

Writing is a pain, and it’s not glamorous. But when I’m able to channel my thoughts into some sort of cohesive story and put the pieces together in a way that just might make sense — there’s something about that satisfying flow that just cannot be beat. I love taking a mass of strange, seemingly unrelated ideas and making them work. It’s like hosting a dinner party with friends from different parts of your life who are unfamiliar with one another, and marveling at the conversations that emerge between them. You pat yourself on the back for bringing them into the same room, but it then you step back, let go, and enjoy. It’s not yours any more.

So that’s my plan for days 1-4 of the new year. Then I’ll keep working on the script in a class that starts in late January. We’ll end the class with a scene reading in a local theater with real actors, which is fills me with 3 parts glee to 1 part terror. Then I’ll need to figure out what to do next, which flips the glee:terror ratio on its head.

“Obligatory inspirational happiness quote to ring in the new year.” ~Some Dead Famous Person

Welcome to the new year. It looks much like the old year, but it does have that new year smell.



9 thoughts on “The Year That Will Be

  1. movingliquid

    I can’t imagine what a thrill that would be to hear one’s own words spoken on the stage. I’m a huge Tennessee Williams fan and I marvel at the playwright’s skill with language. Can’t wait to hear more about it as you progress. It’s very exciting!

    1. notesfromthebathroomfloor Post author

      ML: It really is thrilling to hear your words read, and I love it. I’ve written some comedy sketches over the last few months and had them read by some funny people, either in a class setting, or on stage. It’s seriously thrilling — not only to hear the words I wrote and to have people laugh at them — but also to hear good actors bring something to the parts that I never envisioned. They make the writing better, and challenge me to create something better each time I sit down to write.

      It’s funny you mention Tennessee Williams. I was just reading an essay that he wrote this morning, called The Catastrophe of Success. What a wonderful, thoughtful writer he was. I may just need to read one of his plays this weekend.

      Here’s a link, if you’re interested:

      1. movingliquid

        NFTBF, clicking to read that essay now, thanks. I love Tennessee Williams because he writes so beautifully about broken people, especially women. His story is amazing because he put out hit after Broadway hit but the minute the reviews weren’t so good the public just turned their backs on him. I’m pretty sure he ended up dying broke and lonely. I’m drawn to him the same way I’m drawn to Vincent Van Gogh. They have to create in spite of themselves!

        I can see how the thrill of hearing your words come to life would be totally addictive. Bring your unique life experiences to the table and go for it! And share, share, share with us!

      2. Donatella

        You are so inspiring, i have a blog of my own and it’s awesome to see how successful other people, like you are. i really enjoy reading your work…it is so relatable. Keep it up, your amazing

  2. Ro

    Love your honest writing and it makes me smile. Keep doing what you do because it reminds us of …us. Hugs…


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