But, how will it end?

The world seems mad at the moment. It seems as if every coalition formed over the last century is in danger of disintegrating. Up is down. Black is white. The worst of 80s fashion is back, and Donald Trump is a serious presidential candidate. It feels as if we’re all walking around in a shared fugue state, just lumbering forward into a pointless future, pointlessly.

None of this is new. History is rife with tales of calamity. We’re overdue for some major worldwide catastrophe.

At least it won’t be boring. I’m already on the edge of my seat.


One thought on “But, how will it end?

  1. HemmingPlay

    Buy the popcorn, or stock in a popcorn company. Things are changing faster now. The firewalls are not holding. The old ideas of western liberalism (trade, open borders, individual freedoms, etc.) are losing their luster because too many people don’t feel as though they’re benefitting. The rich and powerful are, but that’s because they’ve rigged the system to their benefit and no one else’s. Or so the feeling goes. Meanwhile, Rome burns. Does that sum it up ok?

    I don’t necessarily think we’ll have another WWII. We might, but it’s not inevitable. We’ll see. (How’s that for wishy-washy?) 🙂


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