I’ve Got Dreams to Remember

I just found these on my phone from when I was keeping track of my dreams each morning a couple of years ago. I should start doing this again.

5/2 Dream: Two people are tuning music for some beach game. One of them is my sister. Horrible noise comes out of their stereo, then they fix it. They ask me: “Does that sound ok?” I Joke: “What?”

I have a kid in my back. My brother as a kid? Maybe my nephew? Flicking ants from my arms.

It’s announced that we will play a game. Here are the rules: We will be shown a picture. If it makes us want to take our clothes off we snap our right hand twice and take them off. If not we snap the left hand once. I run away laughing.

5/3 Dream: Very vague. Invitations being sent out. 3 were not addressed by workers, but were sealed. Wedding. Maybe? We were cursing them for not doing their job well.

5/4 dream: don’t remember

5/5 dream: Some rich people have a team of servants that they expect to be at their beck and call. One rich man starts talking about himself at length,not realizing that his female servant left the room. The servants are all played  by actors from 80s TV that I forgot about. Dixie Carter is one of them.

I start to read an article from a Harvard journal about men’s hands. What they say about a man’s health and character.

5/6 dream: Work stress dream. Colleagues were quantifying exactly how much I slowed down the processes at work.

5/9 dream: I only remember that I purchase something from a cashier. I think maybe I helped come up with a new way of selling to customers.

5/17 dream: I’m at a department party at work. H comes over and starts hugging me. Says I am funny, and that my gift to the department was hilarious. As it turns out, I packed up these fake severed arms and some weird angry mask accidentally. But people thought it was funny,so all was good.

5/18 dream:A series of obstacle course activities for the face. Most involve water spray and rotating apples.

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