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Never-Ending Thoughtstoppers

I need to write an absurdist comedy sketch this week for a class. You’d think this would be relatively easy for me, given my love of the absurd.

And yet. My brain is not cooperating again. I seem to have some sort of mental disorder that prevents me from doing the thing that I am supposed to do. So, when I have serious day-job work to get done, all kinds of wild ideas occur to me. My mind breaks open the floodgate of stupid ideas and I frolic in the Stupid like children let loose in the Candy Room at the Wonka factory.

I’m having a Wonka week. Just go with it.

Maybe if I try to create the opposite of what I’d like to create, my rebellious brain will be hoodwinked into spewing out something absurd. What is the opposite of absurd? Should I just write  an observational essay? A Wikipedia entry on gravity? Maybe I should work on updating my resume.

What to do?


Bad, Bad Brain! Tell Your Brain Who’s Boss

My brain has wandered off, it seems. It no longer respects my authority. I give it sudokos, flax oils and restful sleep. Is it thankful? No.

There are days when you simply cannot come up with anything interesting, relevant, or creative to share with the wide world. Days when your brain needs a stern talking-to. I am having a series of those days, currently. Maybe it’s the rain. Maybe it’s the change in seasons. Maybe I need a good vacation.

I don’t know what I need. Is there such a thing as a creativity doula? Someone who would come over to my apartment, rearrange my furniture, and guide me through the birth of some cool ideas? Is that how the pros do it?

How do you make your mind cooperate? Tell me of your secrets.