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Unfiltered Brain Warblings

Sometimes I sit and brainstorm lists of ideas for subjects to write about, either for this blog or for a sketch-writing class that I’m taking. Here’s a list I put together one night last week, just before falling asleep. I honestly don’t know what many of them mean. I feel like I found someone else’s diary entry, and I’m frankly concerned for the mental health of the writer.


Murder Channel Pitch Meeting

Terrible Idea Warehouse

Group Therapy

Culture Wars, Let’s Fight it Out

Penises are Ridiculous.

Oprah Something

Escalating Expressions of love

If Fronking You is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

Pregnancy Pact

Dic Pics are the Cure for Strep throat

Speed, in Kindergarten

Project Runway Challenge: Prisoner of Fashion (Ambush and Kidnap people off the street to make them over. You have 2 days to forcibly kidnap a “muse” from the street, then make them over using the clothes on their back.)

Catholic Martyr Mom Versus Jewish Guilt Mom: Final Smackdown

Booze: It’s What Dreams are Made of

Boobs are For Everybody

You Be Ponch, I’ll Be John

Gretchen Pornackle, Publicist to the Unknown