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What’s on Your No List?

When preparing to enter the dating world, it is important to know what you are looking for, and –perhaps more importantly — what you hope to avoid. There are obvious traits that everyone should try to avoid (Pathological liars, violent drug abusers, racists and video-game addicts come to mind).

But I have an additional list of rules for a prospective partner. These are the identifying traits of men with whom I know I will not get along. It’s not meant to offend anyone — We’re each of us special, unique snowflakes with different tastes. But, still: some of the snowflakes are not for me, and it’s better to know that ahead of time. Right? Continue reading

I Implore You Never to Use these 6 Words.

Here are six words/terms I could do without, to put it mildly. I originally thought of using the title “Do You Use These Words? Ten Reasons that I’m Coming Over to Your House to Kill You,” but thought better of it. With that said: I am not kidding around, here. These should be expunged from the English language immediately.

panty1. Panties This word is base. It is foul. It is a crass slap in the face to one half of the human race. Men wear pants, and the ladies? Oh, the ladies wear little, teeny-tiny pants, or panties. I have a theory that the original etymological evolution of the word looked something like this: Pants > Teensy pants > pantsies > panties.

Possible Replacements: underpants, underwear, skivvies Continue reading